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Elite Physique Studio

A Healthier, Happier You

I have the best job in Chicago, simple as that. Since 2010, I’ve been transforming my clients into fitter and healthier versions of themselves. As a qualified Fitness Trainer, and a IFBB pro bodybuilder, I can help you lose weight, build muscle, or simply get into better shape. I believe that looking after your body is just about the most important thing you can do for yourself. Let me help you help yourself, and let’s shape up together. Contact me today and see why I love my job so much!


Spring Special
$49 per session
(reg $65)
Packages are available


 Elite Physique Fitness Can Do For You

Hip thrusts...💪. _Jenny had become so s

Strength & Stamina

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A Healthier You

Look Good, Feel Good


A Healthier You



Chalking Up

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

“These workouts helped improve my physical strength as well as my balance and flexibility. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I have never felt or looked better and it is all thanks to Elite Physique Studio.”

Frankie Bolder

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